photo of a student reclined on a mat working with a nurse and physical therapist

Physical Therapy

The mission of the Physical Therapy Department is to provide quality and coordinated physical therapy services with evidence-based practice specific to each child’s goals to maximize functional independence. Each iBrain student will be regularly assessed in order to provide quantitative measures to assess quality of life, functional capabilities, and clinical measurement. The level of accountability and excellence provides your child with a baseline to reach objective goals. 

The Physical Therapy Department utilizes push-in/pull-out services and strives to make gains in these areas throughout the year. Clinical Objective Measures include (but are not limited to) range of motion, strength, spasticity, sensation, quality of movement and skin integrity. Formal testing (such as the Gross Motor Function Measure and Mobility Domains in the PEDI) may be conducted as well to provide standardized values and a benchmark for comparison with future assessment.

Intervention occurs in and out of the classroom, gym, hallways, neighboring community, playgrounds and streets. The gym has mirrors, mats, therapeutic balls, and play equipment for the children. Intervention is individualized and guided by the goals set by the IEP and the child’s current physical therapist based on evaluation. 

Adjunct Programs are additional therapeutic interventions to aide with stretching, strengthening, weightbearing for improved endurance and function. Adjunct programs include (but are not limited to) aquatic therapy, standing, walking, prone lying, side-lying and biking. Along with the other clinical team members, PT plays a role in assessing and assisting with acquiring appropriate bracing, seating and adaptive equipment to help our students maintain proper health, alignment and physical function within the program and home environment. Such evaluations are conducted during iBrain Equipment and Brace Clinic sessions (typically scheduled once per month respectively).