About Related Services

Related services at iBrain are the supportive services and activities we offer necessary for our students who have acquired a brain injury or brain-based disorder to better maximize their educational outcomes. Any related service or support that helps a student benefit from or achieve the goals set out in his or her individualized education program (IEP) is provided by iBrain’s licensed related services personnel. Special education and related services are intended to be flexible and meet the needs of an individual student. 

At iBrain, related services are operated in our push-in/pull-out method:


With this approach, the therapist and the special education teacher work together in close collaboration in the classroom setting. Special education teachers and others (like speech therapists or occupational therapists) work collaboratively. This is called inclusive education.


With this approach, services take place outside the classroom setting. While the special education teacher is an important resource, they are rarely involved in pull-out services. Instead the specialist (like vision therapists or physical therapists) provides  instruction and does not have to be integrated with the general education curriculum, though it depends on the individual student’s needs. 

iBrain teachers collaborate with each student’s therapist across all domains offered at iBrain throughout the day to ensure students can generalize their academic and therapeutic skills across all areas of life.