Health and Nursing

The goal of the Health and Nursing Services Department is to provide quality health services to iBrain students with complex health and nursing needs. The Department led by the Head Nurse: 

1. Provides preventive health teaching, health education, case management, and direct services; 

2. Engages in case identification, referral and case management activities in conjunction with the program team and community providers; 

3. Assesses, monitors and documents the identified student’s function and physical health status, in collaboration with the program team, the student’s parent(s) or guardian, and health care provider; 

4. Develops, implements and evaluates individual health and emergency care plans; 

5. Administers medications and non-medications/treatments/procedures, if requested and documented by the student’s health care provider on the medication administration form (MAF) or non-MAF; 

6. Supervises and collaborates with 1:1 nurses in the delivery of health care services to assigned students; 

7. Conducts in-service training with staff on: 

  • Proper hand-washing
  • Basic knowledge and care on: Magnet Use with Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS), Epi-pen and Diastat administration, and GT/GJT/PEG tube feeding to all paraprofessionals (and professionals, per request), based on the student’s health and nursing needs.