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How to Enroll

We invite you to consider our program. Join with other families who are committed to giving their children with brain injury or brain-based disorders access to the common core curriculum through a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach which incorporates the best practices from the medical, clinical, and educational fields.

Admission to iBrain is contingent upon a review of an assessment of the potential student to be conducted by an interdisciplinary team of therapists, special educators and medical staff.

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Please call iBrain at (646-315-1548) to schedule a tour or attend an open house. Tours are tailored to the specific interests of the group and will include brief stops in the classrooms and walkthroughs of the therapy areas. Tours typically last between 30 and 45 minutes and you will have ample opportunities to ask questions.

Alternatively, you can schedule a 30-minute observation in one of our classrooms, then meet with the Director for a follow-up discussion.


Please submit any previous educational and medical records. It is critical that the iBrain staff receive detailed information about your child’s educational and medical history. Upon review of these records, iBrain staff will determine initial eligibility for our program.


Part of the iBrain admission process is to have the child attend two half-day visits (9AM -12PM). During this time, your child will undergo assessments covering all disciplines (academics, OT, PT, Speech, Vision, Nursing and Hearing).  

After these assessments are completed, the iBrain team will meet to determine whether your child is a good fit for the program and will be admitted. If your child is admitted, evaluations are written based on the assessments and service recommendations in which they are specified.


Upon acceptance, you will be asked to fill out and return our Enrollment Contract with a Tuition Deposit.

Once the enrollment process is complete, the program director will contact you regarding your child’s first day of class and next steps.