photo of a student surrounded by various games and toys

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Department at iBrain places engagement at the core of all interventions, program design, evaluation, and interactions with students. Based on existing literature, neuroplasticity occurs at the greatest rate and frequency while individuals are engaged in meaningful occupations. Our students’ limitations in vision, hearing, speech, and motor skills are factors that prevent them from engaging fully in desired occupations. The Occupational Therapy Department works to remediate these client factors through evidence-based interventions as well as the use of adaptive methods and equipment. 

Individualized care begins by assessing students’ occupational needs during initial interviews with students and parents to determine student preferences and preferred occupations. This creates a well-rounded, strength-based occupational profile. The Occupational Therapy Department currently uses strength- based standardized measures such as School Function Assessment, Caregiver and Self Care scales on the PEDI to capitalize on students’ strengths while also addressing deficits.


The mission of the Occupational Therapy Department is to facilitate each child’s independence and participation in all aspects of their education, including self-care and everyday activities using a Holistic family-centered approach. Here at iBrain, we strive to create a bridge between the program and home environment.