Kia's Journey after Hurricane Dorian

This is a brief story about Kia’s journey from Abaco Islands in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian to New York City along with her twin sister, Tori, and their aunt and uncle, Rhonda and Darrin.

Click here to view CBS News anchor & reporter, Cindy Hsu's, story on Kia


Kia and Tori Davis are 13-year old girls from Abaco Islands, Bahamas.  Kia suffers from a brain injury and has a severe seizure disorder which has caused intensive management needs requiring a significant degree of individualized intervention and support 24-hours a day.  Tori is a typically-developing young lady and is always right by Kia’s side!  Kia and Tori’s parents are deceased and their aunt and uncle have adopted them since they were 3 months old.

pictured are Tori (left) and Kia (right) at iBrain


Kia’s special needs school in the Bahamas, Every Child Counts, was destroyed due to Hurricane Dorian in September (see pictures below).  We have recently brought the family up to New York City while Kia’s school is being rebuilt.  Kia will be attending the International Institute for the Brain, iBRAIN, during this time period.

pictured is Every Child Counts after Hurricane Dorian

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